Bringing great
strategy to life

Diana Măceşanu

Strategy is the leadership art of making futures happen. It is one part vision, one part data, and one part grit.

‘Action without strategy is dangerous, but strategy without action is worthless’, Honda Soichiro. Real strategy requires a strong connection with delivery, reshaping your business model. It moves from paper to people, process and technology. That is why strategy is as much a social process as an analytical one.


Founded in 2017, MindMatter’s core business is the creation of next-generation strategy software and services. Working with organisations of all shapes and sizes to define, design and execute strategy for business model reinvention, MindMatter’s consulting practice informs its software experience design.

Our work is guided by our purpose and values, and is inspired by the opportunity to create something beautiful in collaboration with our clients.

We believe in strategy as an instrument of change, and see social impact as a part of our mission.

MindMatter Strategy Sketch

Our Purpose is what we exist to do, and it inspires change.

We believe strategy is a powerful instrument of change. We create next-generation strategy software and services to help complex organisations succeed in creating their future.

Our Vision is about what future we see.

We will redefine strategy. We will make strategy software a mission-critical application, be a thought leader for strategy and execution, and create social impact through strategy services.

Our Brand Promise connects our purpose to our customer experience.

“Make your future.” MindMatter helps organisations define, design and deliver bold futures.

Our Values define who we are and how we interact with the world.

MindMatter strives to create an inclusive environment in which passionate people live some shared values and ideas built around:

  1. Disciplined, ‘can do’ service,
  2. Kind, honest communication, and
  3. Creative mischief – making the hardest challenges fun.

Our Strategic Focus informs our prioritisation and resourcing.

We will leverage strategy and technology to reinvent your business model, providing world class consulting backed by people-centred change management. Partners will strengthen every part of our business model. We will make strategy simple.

Design Philosophy

We strive to make software that attracts great adjectives! Simple, beautiful, light, fast, intuitive, structured, collaborative, insightful, and mission-critical. Though we avoid hype, we are linking advancements in Big Data, AI and machine learning to our core capabilities.

Our overarching design philosophy is ‘first beautiful, then simple, then valuable’. This sames philosophy is the key to effective engagement and alignment as an organisation comes together behind a bold idea.

Our Community

We believe strategy is an instrument of change, and we have a part to play.

We call the wider world in which we act and operate ‘our community’, and we pledge to return a percentage of our time, product and profit to that community. Our first step towards this pledge is extending pro bono strategy counsel, and free use of our software, to applicant organisations.

If you are an Australian not-for-profit with 40+ employees (our initial focus) and would like to discuss the support of MindMatter, simply send an email to ceo@mindmatter.com

“When I first entered professional life, I looked at work and business as a means to an end... a necessary evil to carve out opportunities for creative or beneficent things. I quickly discovered that organisations could be the greatest opportunity for creativity and social good.

I have since come to love strategy. From causes to corporations, from citizenry to scientific breakthroughs, and even war and peace – I think we are yet to scratch the surface of what’s possible when we apply our minds in a strategic way to things that matter.”

Matthew Tutty, CEO

Matthew founded MindMatter in 2017. Immediately prior, he spent 7 years at Telstra (ASX:TLS), Australia’s leading telco, where he was Executive Director of Strategy and Transformation, leading a portfolio team of 500 encompassing strategy, risk, growth, productivity, data, customer service, and P&L responsibility for Telstra’s challenger brand ‘Belong’. Prior roles have included Managing Partner of RERIGHT, Director of technology start-up Haliplex, and Foreign Expert in the People’s Republic of China.

Matthew holds a first class Masters in Artificial Intelligence Ethics (Cambridge), a Masters in Comparative Law, a Masters in International Affairs and Diplomacy, an MBA, a degree in Asian Studies, and trained in classical performance at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. Committed to excellence in leadership, Matthew is a BMW Responsible Leader, a former ASEAN-ANZ Young Leader, an Asialink Leaders Program Alum, and graduate of the Oxford Executive Leadership Programme. For 8 years, Matthew served as a Board Member then President and Chair of the Asylum Seeker Centre, Australia’s largest independent refugee human rights organisation. He has worked extensively with listed boards and is versed in corporate governance.

Fellow, Australian Institute of Company Directors
Fellow, Financial Services Institute of Australia
Fellow, Governance Institute of Australia