Value creation
requires creativity

Katerina Radvanska

MindMatter defines, designs and delivers distinct strategies, leveraging technology but always starting with people.

Our multidisciplinary approach draws on a network of specialist partners so that our engagements are always supported by world-leading capability.

Our Approach

We try and ground every engagement in an organisation’s brand and purpose. We see every strategic challenge as part science, part art – and all about people. Every engagement is different, but we have the same basic approach.

Our work is guided by our purpose and values, and is inspired by the opportunity to create something beautiful in collaboration with our clients.


Start with People

This means connecting with leaders to clarify issues, sharpen the strategic question, and find the ultimate intent. It also means drawing on the wisdom of stakeholders to gain perspective and uncover bias or blind spots. Lastly, starting with people is the key to engagement and strong alignment. (Mind)



Analysis can generate opportunities, but it is a leadership challenge to distil this, push and challenge, catalyse choices, prioritise, and ultimately make some initial decisions about the future. These are communicated with clarity. This phase also lays the foundations for a reliable fact base and strong feedback loops. (Matter)


Design and Deliver

Once a vision for the future is set, strategy becomes an active process of delivery and course correction. We continually check that the vision holds true and the original intent is preserved. This phase is a dialogue with reality, managing both risk and opportunity. Leaders continue to authentically communicate and drive rapid decision-making. (Mind > Matter)

Our Services

Where strategy, creativity and technology meet.

A connection between your brand and purpose, analytical insight, your people and technology is the secret to a robust strategy that won’t just sit on the shelf.

Board and C-Suite Advisory

  • Organisational Diagnostics
  • Cadence Design
  • Strategy Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Ethics, Impact and Sustainability

Grand Strategy

  • Brand Definition and Creative
  • Trends and Forces Analysis
  • Futures Financial Modelling
  • Transactions and Market Entry

People Strategy

  • Leadership and Culture
  • Employee Experience
  • Performance and Capability
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Strategy Training

Business Unit Strategy

  • Product and Service Design CX UX
  • Channel and Salesforce Effectiveness
  • Product Lifecycle and Strategic Roadmap
  • Business Model Operations

Digital Strategy

  • Digital Strategy – No Jargon
  • Cloud, Automation and Robotics


  • Market and Business Insight
  • Market Research and Surveillance
  • Applied Big Data, AI, Machine Learning

Transformation Management

  • Best Practice Transformation Methods
  • Process Engineering

Our Partnerships

MindMatter has a strong network of service partners to extend domain expertise on several specialist questions including: technology, customer research and testing, financial services, legal and taxation structures, and policy and regulation.

We also love creative engagements, so you can entrust your digital creative, your events, and your marketing communications to us.

We’re small, but partnerships make us strong.

Focus Industries

Naturally we’re excited to work with new organisations and in new industries, but our experience and focus favours the following industries / sectors:

  • Engineering and Professional Services
  • Government and Public Service
  • Healthcare
  • International Development
  • Not for Profit
  • Retail and Consumer Services
  • Technology, Science and Innovation
  • Telecommunications