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Fabian Møller

Why is it that the most important business domain uses the crudest tools? Strategy deserves more than a slide!

Great strategy engages widely, arrives at alignment quickly, and adapts to change without losing focus. It also relies on good social connection, continuous communication, and disciplined processes for identifying opportunities and risks… perfect candidates for software-led transformation.

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MindMatter Focus

Focus™ is MindMatter’s core enterprise strategy application – giving leaders and their people a single operating system for strategy, the alignment of goals and targets, the tracking of performance, and the capturing of insights, opportunities and risks.

At present, Focus™ is being piloted with select organisations and will be made available for online SaaS subscription in 2018. If you would like to discuss a pilot, just contact us.

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  • Start your strategy map – purpose, vision, values, brand
  • Engage stakeholders, review organisational health
  • Assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
  • Determine your strategic focus


  • Design strategic pillars, objectives, goals
  • Identify strategic, operational and financial risks
  • Connect your divisional plans to the strategy
  • Connect supporting investments to your strategy


  • Manage team and personal goals
  • Track and manage strategic plan results
  • API integration for automated updates
  • Reports, Dashboards, Analytics

Research & Development

MindMatter is pursuing an aggressive development roadmap in order to establish strategy software as a mission critical enterprise application.
That means creating cutting-edge capability, strong integrations and relevant use cases across all business domains.

We’re partnering with visionary organisations to co-create applications and services that strive for perfection. We are leveraging the very latest developments in cloud and data to make these solutions beautiful, simple and valuable. Maybe you’re our next partner? Get in touch.


R&D Vector 1: People, Performance, and Living the Brand

We’re looking to strengthen the connection between strategy and people management. A good cadence ensure that strategic goals are part of performance discussions, but performance discussions are also an opportunity to learn more about what’s really happening, and feed back insight to your strategy.


R&D Vector 2: Growth, Productivity and Transformation

How does your strategy connect to your bottom line? What are the key determinants of your 5 year financial plan? What are the drivers and levers of your cost and revenue? How are you near term actions, and your mid-term investments, connected to your long term vision? How do you make every day a platform for profitable growth?


R&D Vector 3: Big Data, AI, and the Strategy Bot

Housing a central repository of performance measures presents an incredible opportunity for insight. Cross-referencing broader environmental data points only broadens the possibility. MindMatter’s flagship product, Focus, has been developed with a strategic architecture to support artificial intelligence queries: just ask ‘how am I performing?’ ‘where should I focus?’ ‘what are my risks?’